Offering a Comprehensive Evalutation and Treatment for SI Joint Dysfunction.

We are proud to offer a wide selection of interventional pain management and spine surgery services. With our innovative approach to outpatient care, our world-class physician team, and state-of-the-art facility, we are fully equipped to perform both simple procedures and complex surgeries. 

Comprehensive SI Evaluation

  • Initial evaluation by SI trained specialist
  • Review of past and current treatment
  • First diagnostic injection
  • Development of comprehensive treatment plan

Diagnostic Imaging

  • MRI lumbar and pelvis
  • CT Pelvis and Lumbar spine
  • X-rays

Interventional Pain Management

  • Diagnostic SI injections
  • Therapuetic SI joint steroid injection
  • Thermal ablation of SI nerves RFA

Regenerative Medicine

In some cases regenerative therapies may be helpful as an option to treat SI joint dysfunction. We have specialists available to evaluate and offer such treatments if requested. It requires an outpatient injection into the SI joint targeted at restoring biologic conditions.

Outpatient Robotic SI Fusion

Robotic SI Fusion performed with Mazor Robot placing iFuse cages.  This employs a posterior approach to the SI joint for superior results.  This system is ideally suited for use of the Mazor Robot.  This technique and system is superior to other systems in that it allows for immediate fixation and hence early ambulation-no cane, less pain because no muscle cutting,  minimal loss of blood,  performed as outpatient and minimal recovery time.  Other systems require prolonged immobilization, cut through gluteus muscles-more pain, prolonged recovery and delayed fixation.

Physical Therapy


Musculoskeletal evaluations and treatment for all injuries including specialized therapy for SI joint dysfunction.

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