Why choose Robotic SI Fuse?

We are a highly specialized and comprehensive center for evaluating and treating SI joint dysfunction. SI joint dysfunction is often not recognized by providers and is actually a very common cause of low back pain and hip pain. Our center has providers that can accurately determine whether or not your pain is spinal, hip or SI related. Our center has a comprehensive approach to treating SI joint dysfunction including physical therapy, pain management and if needed SI joint fusion. Our surgeons have performed many hundreds of Robotic SI fusions with minimal complications.

Our patients come first

Our Patients Come First

Everything we do revolves around our patients. We have diagnosed thousands of patients with SI dysfunction and performed hundreds of SI fusion procedures, giving our patients their lives back.

Our providers are world class

Our Providers are World-Class

We are a highly trained team for SI evaluations and treatments. With years of training between them, our talented team is trained on the latest techniques and standards and offers an industry-leading approach to SI fusion.

Our Facilities are State-of-the-Art

Our Facilities are State-of-the-Art

We have multiple state of the art facilities to help make your evaluation and treatment of SI joint dysfunction seamless and relaxing. We also will offer evaluations over the internet to help you figure out your particular problem.

About Robotic SI Fusion

Robotic SI Fuse offers a wide selection of services.

With our highly trained team and modern facilities, we are able to offer a complete selection of interventional pain management and spine surgery services. If you have a question about a specific treatment, please contact us for a full list of available services.

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Dr. Giovanini showed great compassion toward me and made me a top priority. Prior to my back surgery I had numbness in my leg and couldn't feel my foot. I am now gaining strength and feeling in my leg and foot. Dr. Giovanini has greatly improved my quality of life.

Diane S.
January 2019