Mazor Robotics

Mazor Robotics.

All of our facilities use either Mazor X or Renaissance robots to help accurately place devices strategically across the SI joint.

How Mazor X™ Works

Mazor X: How It Works.

Robotic SI Fusion performed with Mazor Robot placing iFuse cages. This employs a posterior approach to the SI joint for superior results. This system is ideally suited for use of the Mazor Robot. This technique and system is superior to other systems in that it allows for immediate fixation and hence early ambulation-no cane, less pain because no muscle cutting, minimal loss of blood, performed as outpatient and minimal recovery time.

Renaissance Spine Surgery - How it Works

Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System

With Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System, spine surgeons can perform accurate, state-of-the-art procedures. There are four basic steps:

Step 1 - Planning: Surgeon creates a pre-operative blueprint of the ideal surgery in a virtual 3D environment.

Step 2 - Mounting: Surgeon places a rigid attachment to the patient, which assures maximum surgical accuracy throughout the procedure.

Step 3 - 3D Sync: Two fluoroscopic images automatically synchronize the mounting system with the surgical blueprint.

Step 4 - Operate: Renaissance guides the surgeon's tools and implants to the planned location with 1.5mm accuracy.